Aria uses a large variety of phones. She currently uses an iPhone 6


In the Episode Pilot Aria uses a Motorola.

Microsoft Kin One

In the next episode The Jenna Thing, Aria uses a Microsoft Kin One

Palm Prixi

A few episodes later Aria is seen using a Black Palm Prixi.

Nokia E6

From Season 3B-5A, Aria uses a white/silver Nokia E6.

iPhone 5S

From Season 5B-Present aria uses a silver iPhone 5S. In Fresh Meat while Aria is talking to Emily in Art Class, you see her typing on her white iPhone 5S with a white floral case.

In To Plea or Not to Plea, When Hanna was arrested, A hacked into Aria & Emily's phones and deleted all the A texts, so there wasn't proof to get Hanna out. Aria's phone is shown to have iOS6 which is an error because iphone 5S's can't have iOS6

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iPhone 6

In "The Gloves Are On" Aria is seen with an iPhone 6

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