Charlotte DiLaurentis' Assailant
Real Identity: Mona Vanderwaal
Character Information






Charlotte DiLaurentis
The Liars (possibly)


- Identity
- Killed Charlotte
Series Information



First appearance:

Of Late I Think of Rosewood

Portrayed By:

Janel Parrish

Charlotte DiLaurentis' Assailant is the murderer of Charlotte DiLaurentis.

Uber A begins tormenting the Liars in order to find out who the murderer was. In "Farewell, My Lovely", it is revealed that Mona Vanderwaal is the killer.


Season 6

Of Late I Think of Rosewood

He or she waits for Charlotte to be released and the day she comes home after she and Alison fall asleep he/she somehow lures Charlotte to the bell tower at the church. There she is attacked and murdered and the suspect throws her from the top of the bell tower and stages it as a suicide.

Season 7

Tick-Tock, Bitches

A.D. gives The Liars 24 hours to deliver Charlotte's real killer to them or he/she will kill Hanna. The Liars all take a vote and the majority vote for it having been Alison. Aria tells them about seeing Charlotte that night and says it was possibly Alison. The go on the hunt to find out if she really did it.

Emily goes to visit Alison and she seemingly admits to doing it, asking God to forgive her. Later, Emily goes to her house and finds the red jacket in a donation pile. Caleb hands it over to Uber A and later Elliott goes into Alison's room at Welby and says he knows she killed Charlotte and gives her an injection.




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