Gender: Male

Hair Color: Dirty Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Occupation(s): Student



Vivien Darkbloom

Aria Montgomery

Series Information


Airplane Flying


Was with Alison/Vivien the day she disappeared (Exposed) Knew that 'Vivien' was really 'Alison' (exposed to Aria)


Unknown Probably Alive

First Appearance:

Father Knows Best

Last Appearance:

Eye of the beholder

Portrayed By:

Lachlan Buchanan

Notes Edit

  • Some think that in "That Girl is Poison" he makes an appearance in the background of Jenna's party. But according to IMDb, he only appears in "Father Knows Best" and "Eye of the Beholder", although IMDb is sometimes incomplete.
  • Some fans think he was the one who flew Red Coat to the lodge in "A DAngerous GAme".

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