Currently, Emily Fields owns an iPhone 6 Plus

Motorola V3i

In "Pilot," Emily, just like Spencer, Hanna and Aria, received a text from "A" on her black Motorola V3i. It is also seen in "The First Secret," when she receives a text from Ben.

Microsoft Kin Two

From the Season 1A to 1B, Emily owned a Microsoft Kin Two.

Samsung Intercept

From Season 1B through Season 3A, Emily owned a pink Samsung Intercept.

​iPhone 4S

From Season 3B and onwards, Emily has owned a black iPhone 4S in a purple case. In

To Plea or Not to Plea, When Hanna was arrested, A hacked into Emily & Aria's phones and deleted all the A texts, so there wasn't proof to get Hanna out.

Samsung Galaxy S6

In "Of Late I Think of Rosewood" Emily is seen with a Samsung Galaxy S6

iPhone 6 Plus

After Charlotte's Assailant runs over her Samsung, Emily is later shown with an iPhone 6 Plus with a white case

Apple Watch

In Hush Hush, Sweet Liars, Emily is seen with a Gold Apple Watch Edition with Milanese Loop Band and sometimes a white band


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