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Prior to Pilot (friendship)
Miss Me x 100 (relationship)


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First appearance:

Pilot (as friends)
Miss Me x 100 (as a couple)
Those kisses weren't just for practice.
~ Alison to Emily

Emison is a relationship in the series between Emily Fields and Alison DiLaurentis.

Friends since prior to Pilot, Alison and Emily are best friends and briefly entered into a romantic relationship. However, due to Alison's manipulations, the relationship only lasted for two episodes.


Season 5Edit

Miss Me x 100

When Emily starts to leave for the Frozen event at school, Alison stops her and says that she should apologize for making Emily think her feelings for Alison were one-sided. She says they weren't and those kisses between them weren't just for practice as Alison had previously said.

Later, the two of the them are laying in bed and Emily asks Alison if she is asleep. She isn't and turns over to face Emily. They lay there for a moment before Emily leans in and kisses her and they begin kissing passionately.

Near the end of the episode, when they all get together to find out who is buried in Alison's grave, Hanna walks in with Caleb and sees that Emily and Alison are holding hands and asks Spencer if they're together now.

Season 7Edit

Tick-Tock, Bitches

Emily remembers the night she had with Alison, as well as various compliments Alison had given her in the past.


  • It is still unclear whether or not Alison genuinely cared for Emily as a girlfriend or if she was just using her to further her plans, which seems likely.

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