Jessica DiLaurentis' Burier
Real Identity: Charlotte DiLaurentis (or Mary Drake)
Character Information






- Identity
- Buried Mrs. DiLaurentis
Series Information

First appearance:

A Is for Answers

Latest appearance:

Game Over, Charles

Portrayed By:

Vanessa Ray
Andrea Parker (possibly)

Jessica DiLaurentis' Burier is the anonymous person who buried Jessica DiLaurentis after her murder at the hands of Mary Drake. CeCe Drake takes credit for this in "Game Over, Charles", while Mary Drake seems to do the same in "Driving Miss Crazy", leaving the true identity unclear.


Season 4

A Is for Answers

Jessica DiLaurentis is murdered by someone and found and buried by "Charlotte".

Season 6

Game Over, Charles

It is revealed that Jessica's daughter, CeCe Drake, is "A". CeCe, whose real name is Charlotte, returned home to see her mother before she left and found her lying dead, therefore meaning "A" did not kill Jessica.

Season 7

Power Play

Peter Hastings reveals that Mary Drake was responsible for Jessica's murder. He then claims that she buried Jessica in the backyard, leaving it unclear if she was the person responsible for burying Jessica's dead body or Charlotte.



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