Mary and Rollins
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Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars
We've finally taken back what was supposed to be mine.
~ Mary

Mary and Rollins is a partnership in the series between Mary Drake and Elliott Rollins.


Season 6

Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars

Alison is home alone when she hears a music box playing in her room. She goes to check it out and hears the floor creak. She turns to see what appears to be a dead Jessica DiLaurentis standing in the door way. Alison screams and drops the music box, and when she looks up the figure is gone. The phone begins to ring and Alison picks up. She asks if anyone is there and seemingly the voice of her mother says "Did you miss me?".

That night, Alison also sees Darren Wilden, lying in bed with her and fears she is losing her sanity.

The next day, Alison once again sees what appears to be her mother, looking at her from outside the window and pointing to "Wilden" behind her.

Later, Spencer, Toby and Mona break into a room at The Radley and find a file which reveals that Charlotte DiLaurentis was actually the child of a patient named Mary Drake and adopted by Jessica and Kenneth.

Back at Alison's, Wilden walks in and pulls off his face, revealing that he is wearing mask and underneath is Elliott Rollins. A woman who looks identical to Jessica approaches him and he tells her that he just got a call from the hospital and Alison is resting comfortably. The woman asks if she signed the papers and he says yes, calling her Mary, revealing that Mary Drake was the twin-sister of Jessica DiLaurentis. He says that he controls 51% of Carissimi now. Mary says that he is the only man Charlotte ever loved and he says he would've done anything for Charlotte, with Mary saying he proved that when he married her cousin. Mary then says that they have finally taken back what was supposed to be hers. She approaches a photo of Charlotte and pics it up, saying that that's what Charlotte would've wanted.


  • It is unknown if Mary and Rollins knew each other prior to the time jump.

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