Olivia Matheson
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Hair Color:


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Student, Queen Bee(former)


Liv (by Luke)

Livy (By Tess)

Family Members:

Rochelle Matheson (mother)
Charles Matheson (deceased father)
Luke Matheson (brother)
Leah Matheson (cousin)


Dillon (ex-boyfriend)


Miranda Collins
Remy Beaumont
Caleb Rivers
Tess Hamilton


Tess Hamilton (sometimes)
Zack Springer (formerly)
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Portrayed By:

Merritt Patterson
I'm gonna find him and then I'm gonna kill him.
~ Olivia

Olivia Matheson is a main character on "Ravenswood". She was portrayed by Merritt Patterson.


Season 1Edit


Olivia first appears when Caleb and Miranda spot her beside her mom, as her mom cleans her dad's headstone. Olivia tries to get her mother to let her clean the headstone, which has Black Widow written on it. After her mother leaves, she tells her brother, Luke, that she is going to live her life. The two then spot Caleb and Miranda staring at them from the window and wonder what they are doing.

Olivia appears once again, as she and her best friend, Tess Hamilton, discuss the parade. Her boyfriend, Dillon, then comes up in the car Olivia is riding in the parade. She gets in to practice and she and Dillon kiss.

Later, Olivia and Luke are seen as they eat dinner. She asks him if he is coming to the parade but he says he has to study. He then tells her he can't believe she's going because of what the town thinks of them. She tells him Tess doesn't think that way but he tells her she isn't her friend. Olivia gets angry and walks out.

At the parade, Olivia rides with Dillon, as Tess rides behind her. She smiles and waves to the crowd, before someone wearing a hood dumps a red drink on her and runs off. Everyone stops and stares, as Olivia gets out of the car and runs off where she finds Luke, who gives her his jacket and the two begin to walk home.

As Luke and Olivia walk home, Olivia tells Luke that she wants to leave the town, he tells her she can always tell her stuff and she tells him he pushed her away when their dad died and asks him why he's mad. She then tells him he can talk to her as well. He tells her he thinks their mom killed their dad.

The two continue to walk until Remy notices them by the road and stops to let them in the car with her, Miranda and Caleb. They get in and stay quiet for the ride, as everyone else does. Suddenly as they are crossing the bridge Miranda notices someone in the road and snatches the wheel causing them to go off the bridge and into the water. The car begins to sink as the music plays and the episode ends.

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