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Season 7, Episode 11
Air date April 18th, 2017
Written by Joseph Dougherty
Allyson Nelson
Directed by Chad Lowe
Episode Guide
The DArkest Knight
These Boots Are Made For Stalking

Playtime is the eleventh episode of Season Seven. It will air in April 18th, 2017.

Plot Edit

Spencer focuses on learning more about her connection to Mary Drake, while Aria and Ezra figure out what their future may hold now that Nicole is back in the picture. Mona helps Hanna get her fashion career back on track, and Emily struggles to balance things between Ali and Paige now that the three of them are working at Rosewood High. Meanwhile, A.D. has a special delivery for the Liars, one that reveals the final endgame. The Liars realize this latest gift pushes things to a whole new level

Cast Edit


  • The Liars will receive a board game which will lead to the A.D. reveal and the ultimate endgame
  • Aria and Ezra will try and figure out their future now that Nicole is alive
  • Paige and Emily both get jobs at Rosewood High and now them and Alison are all together
  • Spencer will try to find out more about her connection to Mary Drake
  • Mona will help Hanna get her fashion career off the ground
  • Peter Hastings is Spencers father



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