On all character pages, not counting disguises or aliases, the page will start out with the characters name and then their position in the series: Main, recurring or minor. Here is an example of how to determine which is which.

Main Characters

A main character is not decided by their level of importance. Being a main character is decided by one thing: Crediting. If a character is not currently credited under "Starring" then they are not a main character.

Recurring Characters

A character credited under "Guest Starring" or "Co-Starring" who has more than five appearances. More than five appearances throughout the series is recurring, however if they have less than five in a specific season they are a guest for that season.

Minor Characters

As noted in Main Characters, a minor character is not judged by their importance to the plot, however they are not judged by crediting either. If a character has less than five appearances in the series as a whole, they are a minor character unless credited as "Starring".

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