'A' Is for A-l-i-v-eEdit

  • Message #171: "Bet you miss her every day. Kisses -A" (Sent with a photograph of Marion Cavanaugh)
  • Message #172: "Closed caskets keep secrets. His is open and exposes yours. Kisses, Bitches -A"
  • Message #173: Ashley Marin's phone left in Wilden's casket.
  • Message #174: "I know what happened 2 ur mom. Bring the lair and u'll know 2. Kisses -A"
  • Message #175: "The truth won't set you free, bitches. I'm going to bury you with it. Kisses -A"
  • Message #176: A video of the girls and Mona at Wilden's car.

Cat's CradleEdit

  • Message #177: "Cleaning up Rosewood, one mean mommy at a time. Dig we must. Kisses -A"
  • Message #178: A photograph of Pam Fields with bars around her.

Face TimeEdit

  • Message #179: "Melissa's guilty of plenty, but she's not 'A' material. Kisses."

Gamma Zeta Die!Edit

  • Message #180: "This is just the first taste of my venom. Kisses -A"
  • Message #181: "Just a friendly tip. Maybe Hanna and her mom can share a lawyer. Kisses -A"

Under the GunEdit

  • Message #182: "You bark, I bite. Say my name, they BOTH get the blame. Kisses -A"
  • Message #183: "Want to know what happened to Wilden? Watch this!" <small(Sent with a video of Red Coat)</small>
  • Message #184: A video of Red Coat in an Emily mask, holding a sign that says "Guilty".

Crash and Burn, Girl!Edit

  • Message #185: "Can't wait to see you at our little barbecue! Kisses, -A"
  • Message #186: "You crashed Wilden's. Now I'll make it all come crashing down. Kisses, -A"

The Mirror Has Three FacesEdit

  • Message #187: "Leave the Lamb alone and go for he lion. Kisses, -A"

Bring Down the HoeEdit

  • Message #188: "There's more where this came from. -A" (Sent with a CD of Marion singing)
  • Message #189: "Palmer's old car: 1071 East Mountain Drive. -A" (Sent with a photograph of a car)

Now You See Me, Now You Don'tEdit

  • Message #190: Four Magic 8 Balls with messages.

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