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Game On, Charles

  • A call playing the song Don't Sit Underneath The Apple Tree. (Caleb)
  • "What you need is in the trunk of the car" "Open the trunk, Alison". (Roadside Assist)
  • "Put on the clothes and start walking, leave everything else behind or they die". (Automated Welcome Card)

Songs of Experience

  • Mention My Name and Someone Dies. You have 30 seconds to leave that room.
  • A 30 second countdown
  • A video chat showing A holding a knife towards Sara's neck.

Don't Look Now

  • You're my doll bitch -A
  • Use it or you'll get a suprise (The pink hair dye)
  • Dye it now or lose it all (Referring to her hair)

No Stone Unturned

  • Doll
  • Dear Daddy, coming home for my birthday, better plan a party to die for, just you

O, Brother Where Art Thou

  • Birthday Party Card
  • I WAnted to trust you
  • Happy Birthday, your friend and ally (Sent by Sara to Charlotte)


  • Pictures of the girls in Aria's art gallery. With a sign saying that they're not Linda's

Last Dance

  • Better be at prom. It's our last chance to dance. Come alone.xo Charles
  • Don't look for a wolf; seeing red is enough. Time is slipping away...
  • Time's almost up.

The Gloves Are On

  • You know who did it and I'm going to make you talk (Devil Emoji)

New Guys, New Lies

  • You know who did it and I'm going to make you talk -Devil Emoji
  • I have what they're looking for (attached with a picture of a golfclub)
  • When the (2 pig emojis) come talking, don't squeal on me (bomb emoji)
  • Looks like he likes her a lot, he'll never put a (2 ring emojis) on your finger

Do Not Disturb

  • I want that drive or you get a broken heart. Clock is ticking
  • Leave my present in the alley, brown trash can (Sent to Hanna)

Burn This

  • You didn't take me seriously so I thought I'd light a fire under your ass

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