Game On, Charles

  • Message #242: "What you need is in the trunk of the car... I said: open the trunk of the car, Alison"
  • Message #243: "Put on the clothes and start walking. Leave everything else behind, or they die."

Songs of Experience

  • Message #244: "Mention me and someone dies. You have 30 seconds to leave that room." (With a video of Sara Harvey sleeping and Big A holding a knife. Later revealed to be faked)

Don't Look Now

  • Message #245: "You're MY doll, bitch. -A"
  • Message #246: "Use it or you'll get a SURPRISE"
  • Message #247: "Dye it now or lost it ALL"

No Stone Unturned

  • Message #248: "Dear Daddy, Coming home for my birthday. You should plan a party to die for. Just you. Love, Charles"
  • Message #249: A doll with pink streaks and a knife in her eye.

O Brother, Where Art Thou

  • Message #250: A birthday invitation from "Charles" to Jason.
  • Message #251: "I wAnted to trust you." (Sent with a video of "Charles'" birthday party)
  • Message #252: "Happy Birthday! - your Friend and ally." (Sent with a painting)


  • Message #253: "STOLEN DOLLS (NO SON LINDAS)" (Sent with a painting)

Last Dance

  • Message #254: "Better be at prom. It's our last chance to dance. Come alone. xo Charles"
  • Message #255: "Don't look for a wolf; seeing red is enough. Time is slipping away..."
  • Message #256: "My, what big eyes you have. Use them. Time's almost up."
  • Message #257: Now it's just the two of us..."

The Gloves Are On

  • Message #258: "You know who did it and I'm going to make you talk."

New Guys, New Lies

  • Message #259: "You know who did it and I'm going to make you talk."
  • Message #260: "YES."
  • Message #261: "I found what they're looking for. Tell me who it belongs to." (Sent with a photograph of a golf club)
  • Message #262: "I guess she is better than you. He will never put a (ring emoji) on your finger."
  • Message #263: "When the (police emojis) come calling you better not squeal about me."
  • Message #264: "I don't lurk in the shadows, I hide in plain sight."

Do Not Disturb

  • Message #265: "I get that drive you or you get a (broken-heart emoji) (clock emoji) is ticking..."
  • Message #266: "Leave my (present emoji) in the alley off of 7th and Cook. Brown trash can."
  • Message #267: "give me the killer of i'll use your eggs"

Where Somebody Waits For Me

  • Message #268: "THE HONEYMOON IS OVER"

We've All Got Baggage

  • Message #269: "Does the good doctor know why Charlotte ran out of your (house emoji) that night? I do."
  • Message #270: "you need to start talking before our baby does"

Burn This

  • Message #271: "Or you lose."
  • Message #272: "You didn't take me seriously, so I thought I'd light a (fire emoji) under your ass."

Did You Miss Me?

  • Message #273: A card with the Liars' faces, with Alison, Aria, and Emily crossed out.

Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars

  • Message #274: "If you're lying. I (gun emoji) all of you."
  • Message #275: "NO (police emoji)"
  • Message #276: "This is between you and me."
  • Message #277: "It will be your last."
  • Message #278: "Thanks for giving me Hanna. You're free to go. - A.D."

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