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Season Five finds the Liars in the moments following the shocking acts and revelations of the epic Season Four finale. While Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer that both Alison and Ezra are alive and safely back home, the discovery of two new corpses brings more questions to the surface - plus terrifying threats from "A." Is Alison really "A"? Or is "A" pretending to be Alison? With a surprising confession that tears five friends apart, the game is far from over. In fact, a new one is just beginning... one where surviving senior year might be the PLLs' toughest challenge yet! Get ready for 25 hot-button episodes filled with twists, thrills and emotional intrigue with Rosewood's most buzzed-about buds.


  • Chapter I: The Shana Chapter: (Ep. 501 - 505) This chapter deals with the aftermath of Shana's death, with the Liars beliving she is "A" and "A" is now gone. While Shana and "A" are gone, the Liars still have to deal with Mona, who is forming an army against Alison, and Alison, who has returned to Rosewood.

  • Chapter II: The Bethany Chapter: (Ep. 506 - 511) This chapter deals with the reveal that Bethany Young was the victim buried in Alison's grave and the return of "A". The Liars are on the hunt to find out who Bethany is, leading up to the reveal of her killer.

  • Chapter III: The Ali Chapter: (Ep. 512 - 520) This chapter deals with the Liars believing Alison to be the person who took the identity of "A" from Mona. It also deals with Mona being murdered and Alison being convicted for it.

  • Chapter IIII: The Trial Chapter: (Ep. 521 - 525) This chapter deals with the Liars figuring out that Alison is innocent. Her case is taken to trial and Hanna is arrested as an accessory, while the real "A" continues to grow more threatening.
    • The main antagonist of this chapter is "A"
  • The main antagonists of this season are "A", Alison DiLaurentis and Mona Vanderwaal




No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date U.S. viewers
96 1 EscApe From New York Norman Buckley I. Marlene King June 10, 2014 2.72
97 2 Whirly Girlie Joanna Kerns Oliver Goldstick June 17, 2014 2.16
98 3 Surfing the Aftershocks Chad Lowe Joseph Dougherty June 24, 2014 2.28
99 4 Thrown From the Ride Janice Cooke Maya Goldsmith July 1, 2014 2.13
100 5 Miss Me x 100 Norman Buckley I. Marlene King July 8, 2014 2.25
101 6 Run, Ali, Run Norman Buckley Jonell Lennon July 15, 2014 2.13
101 7 The Silence of E. Lamb Joshua Butler Bryan M. Holdman July 22, 2014 2.06
102 8 Scream for Me Bethany Rooney Oliver Goldstick & Maya Goldsmith July 29, 2014 1.80
103 9 March of Crimes Chad Lowe Oliver Goldstick & Maya Goldsmith August 5, 2014 2.05
104 10 A Dark Ali Arlene Sanford Lijah J. Barasz August 12, 2014 2.05
105 11 No One Here Can Love or Understand Me Larry Reibman Joseph Dougherty August 19, 2014 1.80
106 12 Taking This One to the Grave Ron Lagomarsino I. Marlene King August 26, 2014 2,29
107 13 How the 'A' Stole Christmas I. Marlene King I. Marlene King & Kyle Bown December 9, 2014 2.09
108 14 Through a Glass, Darkly Chad Lowe Joseph Dougherty & Lijah J. Barasz January 6, 2015 2.01
109 15 Fresh Meat Zetna Fuentes Oliver Goldstick & Maya Goldsmith January 14, 2015 2.02
110 16 Over a Barrel Michael Grossman Bryan M. Holdman January 20, 2015 1.72
111 17 The Bin of Sin Tripp Reed Jonell Lennon January 27, 2015 2.00
112 18 Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me Joseph Dougherty Joseph Dougherty February 3, 2015 1.80
113 19 Out, Damned Spot Nzingha Stewart Lijah J. Barasz February 10, 2015 1.77
114 20 Pretty Isn't the Point Melanie Mayron Oliver Goldstick & Francesca Rollins February 17, 2015 2.05
115 21 Bloody Hell Arlene Sanford Maya Goldsmith February 24, 2015 1.58
116 22 To Plea or Not to Plea Arthur Anderson Jonell Lennon March 3, 2015 1.49
118 23 The Melody Lingers On Roger Kumble Joseph Dougherty March 10, 2015 1.74
119 24 I'm a Good Girl, I Am Oliver Goldstick Oliver Goldstick & Maya Goldsmith March 17, 2015 1.70
120 25 Welcome to the Dollhouse Ron Lagomarsino I. Marlene King March 24, 2015 2.65



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