Spencer Hastings currently uses an iPhone 6 and she keeps it close to talk to Caleb, and her other friends.

iPhone 3GS

In "Pilot" after Bethany's funeral, when all 4 girls receive their texts from A, Spencer receives it on her black iPhone 3GS with no case on it.


From the beginning of the show to the end of the 2nd season, Spencer used an HTC HD2 phone, to contact with her friends, family, and, of course, receive A messages


From the 3rd season to season 5A, Spencer has a HTC HD7 phone. The HTC HD7 is a Windows phone. Spencer uses her phone to contact her family, Toby, Emily, Hanna and Aria; as well as to receive messages from "A". Since the HD7 is a smartphone, Spencer is able to plan out her day, and keep up with the many things she needs to do and accomplish. 

Burner Phone

In EscApe From New York, Spencer uses a burner phone to call the police to report Shana's death.

iPhone 5

In "How The 'A' Stole Christmas", Spencer is seen texting Hanna on her black iPhone 5 in a black vintage damask black and white printed case. When Spencer goes to London, she gets her flat mate to help use Data Roaming so she can call Aria, Spencer and Emily. Spencer uses this phone a lot during 5B. With this being a smartphone Spencer can pretty much plan out her day, and keep up with the many things she needs to do and accomplish, like with her HTC HD7.

iPhone 6S

In "Of Late I Think of Rosewood" Spencer is seen with an iPhone 6S

Apple Watch

In Do Not Disturb, Spencer is shown to receive 10 emails and a calendar notification on her Apple Watch with a brown Modern Buckle and it alternates between the Brown Modern Buckle and Brown Classic Buckle (This is Troian's real apple watch)

Burner Phone

In The Melody Lingers On, Spencer texts Varjak "A" on white burner phone, that she borrowed from Caleb.

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