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The Betrayer
Real Identity: Toby Cavanaugh
Character Information




CeCe Drake


Joined the A-Team (Exposed)
Attacked Hanna at her fake job interview (Exposed)
Joined the team to protect Spencer (Exposed)
Tried to run Lucas over
Series Information



First appearance:

The Lady Killer

Latest appearance:

'A' is for A-l-i-v-e

Portrayed By:

Keegan Allen
Everything I've done was so I could protect you
~ Toby to Spencer about why he betrayed her

The Betrayer was the "A-Team" member revealed in "The Lady Killer". This character was dubbed as The Betrayer as he betrays the liars. In The Lady Killer he is revealed to be Toby Cavanaugh. It is later revealed that he betrayed them so he could find out who Red Coat was and protect Spencer.

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