"The DArkest Knight"
Season 7, Episode 10
Air date August 23rd, 2016
Written by I. Marlene King
Maya Goldsmith
Episode Guide
The Wrath of Kahn

The DArkest Knight is the tenth episode of Season Seven. It aired on August 23rd, 2016, as the mid-season finale.


The Liars face off with their enemies in a chaotic fight that ends fatally. One of the PLLs learns a secret about her past that changes everything while another Liar discovers something about her future that could alter her course forever.

Cast Edit


  • First finale to be written by Maya Goldsmith.
  • Chloe Bridges returns as Sydney Driscoll after being absent since "How the 'A' Stole Christmas".
  • The table read occurred on June 22nd, 2016.
  • According to the synopsis, the fight will end fatally which insinuates that someone will die.
    • Noel Kahn got into a brief fight with Hanna and Emily, with the fight ending as Noel trips on his own axe and accidently decapitates and kills himself.
  • Spencer is revealed to be the daughter of Mary Drake and sister of CeCe Drake
    • Before this happened, Spencer was shot by Jenna Marshall, and is currently unknown whether the gunshot was fatal or not.
  • Alison revealed to Emily that she is pregnant with someone's child, who she assumes is Archer Dunhill's.




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