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The A-Team


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Jenna Marshall
Sydney Driscoll
Aria Montgomery


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First appearance:

Of Late I Think of Rosewood

Portrayed By:

Tammin Sursok
Chloe Bridges
Lucy Hale

The A.D.-Team is the group of people working under the control of Uber A.

This A-Team is seemingly a network of people, currently known to consist of Jenna, Sydney, Aria, and possibly Mary and Archer.


Season 6Edit

Did You Miss Me?

Mary visits Alison in the hospital as part of their plan to drive Alison insane. Mary pretends to be Alison's deceased mother, Jessica, and tells her what a good man Elliott is for her and that he loves her very much.

Season 7Edit

The DArkest Knight

Jenna attempts to kill the Liars at an old blind school. After Spencer is shot, Jenna corners her with her gun, ready to kill her until Mary knocks Jenna down and unconscious. Uber A arrives and drags Jenna's body away. Uber A puts Jenna's body in the back of their van and hands her back her glasses, as she wakes up. She questions who has her and Uber A throws down their mask beside her. She feels of it and realizes she is with A.D., who then puts on their hoodie.


"A.D." gives The Liars a giant board game, which he/she forces them to play if they want answers.

In the ending, Jenna drinks tea in one of Uber A's lairs. She thanks Uber A for the tea and reminds them of their promise to tell her about the game on that day. Uber A gives Jenna a book, written in Braille, and she begins to read. She then says "Endgame" and smiles excitedly.

Known MembersEdit

  • Uber A - Uber A is the leader and mastermind of the team. Uber A goes by the name A.D. when texting the Liars and wears masks as a disguise. Uber A's main agenda is seeking revenge for the murder of Charlotte DiLaurentis.
  • Jenna Marshall - Jenna is working for Uber A anonymously. However, she seems to currently know who they are and is helping them to complete their final endgame.
  • Sydney Driscoll - Sydney is the helper to Uber A and an "A.D.".
  • Aria Montgomery - Aria is "A.D.'s" current helper and an "A.D.".

Possible MembersEdit

  • Mary Drake - Mary was hired to help in the plan to drive Alison insane. However, it is unknown if this was done for Uber A.
  • Archer Dunhill - Archer's full role in the team is unknown but he is a major player and dressed up as Darren Wilden to drive Alison insane with Mary.
  • Sara Harvey - Sara seemingly began working for Uber A after befriending Jenna.
  • Noel Kahn - Noel is seemingly involved in the scheme, along with Jenna, though only her involvement has been confirmed.




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