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  • Daniel Viglietti

    • Ezra Fitz
    • Mona Vanderwaal
    • Uber A
    • Alison DiLaurentis
    • Dr Rollins
    • Jason DiLaurentis
    • Ashley Marin
    • Sara Harvey

    He seemed very angry at the fact that Charlotte was being released, and was still mad from Nicole 's kidnapping/death. He was also seen walking angrily to the church after talking to Aria about Charlotte and when she left

    Mona was originally going to say Charlotte should stay in but after hearing Aria's speech she changed it and said she wanted her released. Sure she could've been swayed by Aria's speech but I think there is more to why she asked to let her go

    Uber A is trying to frame Ezra for killing Charlotte . Although Marlene King said he would be swayed by Charlotte 's killer it is possible that she is saying that so we can be suprised.


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  • Daniel Viglietti

    Any body agree.

    Big A is Charles and the leader of the A-Team.

    Uber A is The Black Widow who was at the funeral.

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  • Daniel Viglietti


    March 30, 2015 by Daniel Viglietti

    Start applying to be an admim

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