My Suspects

Current Suspects and Reasons

Ezra Fitz

He seemed very angry at the fact that Charlotte was being released, and was still mad from Nicole 's kidnapping/death. He was also seen walking angrily to the church after talking to Aria about Charlotte and when she left

Mona Vanderwaal

Mona was originally going to say Charlotte should stay in but after hearing Aria's speech she changed it and said she wanted her released. Sure she could've been swayed by Aria's speech but I think there is more to why she asked to let her go

Uber A

Uber A is trying to frame Ezra for killing Charlotte . Although Marlene King said he would be swayed by Charlotte 's killer it is possible that she is saying that so we can be suprised.

Alison DiLaurentis

She was keen to get Charlotte released. Yeah so she's her sister but she could've put an act on just so Charlotte wouldn't suspect her.

Dr Rollins

He was unsure about Charlotte being released and probably didn't want her to be released. But took Alison 's side in an attempt to kill her.

Jason DiLaurentis

He didn't agree with Charlotte being released because of everything she did to him and his sister and her friends. It is possible that he wanted to kill her to avoid her from doing anything else.

Ashley Marin

She hated the fact that everytime she asked Hanna to come and see The Radley Hotel, she declined but as soon as Alison calls she returns to get Charlotte released. She also didn't like the fact that Charlotte was getting released and didn't seem suprised when she was killed.

Sara Harvey

She hated Charlotte ever since the night she was hurt. She regrets helping Charlotte and was angry at her for everything she ever did to her, such as locking her in the dollhouse. And she passed her breaking point when she was electrocuted. And she probably wanted to get back at Charlotte so killed her and kicked her off the bell tower. She could've had help from a possible accomplice. She is always spying on the liars (Emily especially) and is always somewhere where they are.

Old Suspects and Reasons

Aria Montgomery

She was the only honest one at Charlotte's testimony and didn't want her to ever be released. She probably had mixed feelings when she found out Charlotte was released and wanted to see her go down for everything she did so she killed her when she left the hotel.


R.I.P Charlotte DiLaurentis

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