aka Jordyn Jones

  • I live in Los Angeles,CA
  • I was born on March 13
  • I am female
  • JordynJones11


    February 13, 2017 by JordynJones11

    Kenneth Dilaurentis:Alison's father(CeCe's adoptive father/uncle)

    Jessica DiLaurentis:Alison's and Jason's mother(CeCe's adoptive mother/aunt)

    Alison DiLaurentis:Kenneth's and Jessica's daughter(CeCe's cousin;Spencer's cousin)

    Jason Dilaurentis/Hastings:Peter's son,Spencer's cousin/sister(Alison;s half brother)

    Peter Hastings:Spencer's,Jason's and Melissa's father

    CeCe Drake/Charlotte Dilaurentis/Charles Dilaurentis/(Big A):Spencer's sister,Jason's sister/cousin/ex girlfriend;Alison's cousin

    Mary Drake:Spencer's and CeCe's mother

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